Metrology Education and Training Courses Designed for You!

Morse Metrology is a privately owned company that specializes in electrical metrology education.  Most courses are presented by Jesse Morse, a metrologist of nearly fourty-five years experience including at the bench, in cal lab management, and as author and teacher of metrology.
Mr. Morse co-authored the world famous book on calibration - Fluke's "Calibration: Philosophy in Practice".  He has authored magazine articles and is currently a writer of computer based training courses for other companies.
Having spent the last six of his fourty years at Fluke Corporation managing their training group, developing training courses and material, Mr. Morse is now available to bring his extensive background and experience directly to businesses who need to increase the education and skill level of their staff.
Mr. Morse is the 2009 Measurement Science Conference  "Woodington Award" recipient, and he is a vice president on the NCSL International board of directors.



If you are looking for affordable professional training for yourself or your staff, this is the company to call. 

Because our mission is, "To increase the quality of calibration services around the world through better educated personnel", we have decided to make all our education efforts as affordable as possible.  And, because it is so difficult for lab managers to gain approval for individual travel in today's economy, this training can be brought right into your facility at a single low negotiated cost. 



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